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Are you using one of those student notebooks to write down your notes from GMAT textbooks, like everyone else? You’re doing yourself more harm than good!

You’re turning through dozens of pages to find that one math formula that you can’t remember. Why, instead of sleeping before the exam, do you take hours and hours to review GMAT math?

We say NO to the STRESS of GMAT math review!
We’re all tired of trying to remember the same GMAT Math Formulas over and over again! We’re done going through hundreds of pages of GMAT “manuals.” It’s because it’s probably not the most efficient way to study. Hello!?!

We’re going to give you something that will completely change the way you’re doing GMAT Math Review.

gmat math formulas review

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Here’s why GMAT Cheat Sheet is so awesome:

gmat cheat sheet

  • Learn and efficiently apply GMAT math formulas
  • Usage examples help you recognize similar challenges right away
  • You’ll feel more relaxed and confident during GMAT
  • Professionally designed with a logical, no-nonsense approach
  • You can use it with any mobile/computer or print it
  • Free lifetime updates are included, and we listen to your feedback
  • And so much more!
Our GMAT Cheat Sheet gives you all the math formulas and expressions you need for efficient GMAT math review! All you need to do is take a few minutes now and then to go over it. You can use it as many times as you need and at any stage in your preparation for the GMAT! Just sit back and WATCH YOUR GMAT SCORE GO UP!
What math formulas are covered?
  • Properties of numbers – rules of divisibility, primes, consecutive integers
  • Exponents, squares and roots – adding, subtracting, simplifying
  • Inequalities – testing, reciprocals, extreme values, squaring
  • Equations – factoring and distributing, substituting, quadratic formula
  • Word translations – age charts, prices and quantities, rate and time
  • Decimals and fractions – counting, comparing, computations, percentages
  • Geometry – polygons, circles, cylinders, triangles, three-dimensional forms
  • Combinatorics – arranging groups, anagram grids, multiple groups
  • Probability – calculating probability, probability shortcut, domino effect
  • Statistics – averages, weighted averages, median, standard deviation
Frequently Asked Questions

How is GMAT Cheat Sheet different from other GMAT books?

It helps you review GMAT math formulas in no time, and it’s very efficient. It’s only 16 pages, packed with useful math review info. It’s  an ideal reference formulas and methods while you’re doing practice tests before the GMAT.

Why did you create GMAT Cheat Sheet?

At first, we created it for our personal use to review GMAT math in preparation for the GMAT. It proved so helpful for us that we decided to share it with our friends who were taking the GMAT. Their incredibly positive feedback encouraged us to launch GMAT Cheat Sheet as a commercial product.

What kind of results can I expect?

GMAT Cheat Sheet saves time, boosts your confidence for the GMAT, and increases your GMAT score in the end. It’s easy to follow and particularly helpful for memorizing GMAT math formulas, equations, geometric shapes, and other stuff you need to remember to be efficient when solving GMAT problems.

Your purchase is completely risk free.  Try it for an entire 60 days. We’re confident that GMAT Cheat Sheet will save your time in doing GMAT math review and memorizing math formulas, increase your score, and help you relax on the GMAT. If it doesn’t work, you pay nothing. You’re protected with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy in any way, please let us know; we’ll refund every penny you paid – no questions asked.

You can see the power of putting our GMAT Cheat Sheet to work for you! Now, you too can bring sanity back into your life with an easy GMAT math review and GMAT math formulas memorizing! You’re on your way to getting a HIGHER GMAT score, saving MORE time and feeling MORE CONFIDENT on the GMAT!

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